Aligning Security Operations & Risk

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MKACyber is leading the transformation of security operations from a reactive endeavor to a holistic, repeatable methodology that focuses on customer-specific business missions, threat models, and risk profiles.

Our offerings

Highly Skilled, Real-World Experience

With an average of 20+ years of cybersecurity experience across its Senior staff, MKACyber offers a wide range of consultative services. Whether assistance is needed to support the assessment of a customer’s SOC operations and processes, tuning of cybersecurity tooling, or senior level investigation and forensics, MKACyber will ensure our customers get the best level of service to align to their highest priority security requirements.

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A Methodical Defense

• 100% United States Based and Staffed
• 24 X 7 or Off Shift
• Full & Hybrid SOC Service
• Use Case Based Monitoring & Remediation Recommendations
• Custom Security Architecture
• Full Transparency into SOC Operations
• Incorporate Existing Cyber Tooling
• Customer Ride Along

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Your SOC enablement engine

Is your SOC fragmented, guided by indecision, and hindered by variously configured tools that require extensive individual training? Our W@tchTower SOC enablement engine is like lane-assist for your SOC, keeping analysts on track when they start to veer off toward distractions. W@tchTower enables your SOC with the data it needs to better understand your risk, ability to detect and mitigate threats, and how and where to allocate budget. Prevent overspending on tools and staff by properly quantifying needs and generating metrics to justify your budget.

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What others are saying

“MKACyber can convert the very complex world of cybersecurity and turn it into something that’s easy to understand and actionable at the board level.”

~ CISO, MKACyber Customer

“Operational security isn’t the sexiest subject to broach, but it is one of the most important — at least that’s how founder and CEO of MKACyber Mischel Kwon sees it.”

~ DC Inno

“MKACyber has helped us better detect threats, working with us to improve our detection in ways that are measurable and easy to report.”

~ SOC Director, MKACyber Customer

When Threat intel Alone Isn't Enough

Improve the efficacy of your SOC by properly curating threat intelligence


Transform Your Siloed Security Operations into a Holistic Security Operations Program

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We Support the ICMCP

Our success at MKACyber is 100% due to the diversity, creativity, and leadership of our workforce. Our goal is to ensure our leadership, employees, and applicants continue to contribute to our success through their diversity whether it be through their race, color, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, culture.
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