An Organized, Data-Driven Approach to SOC

Security Operations Assessments

Assessing maturity, threat model, tooling, and more

Know Your Visibility

Our W@TCHTOWER SOC Assessment services provide you with the ability to visualize your attack surface, threat model, SOC capabilities, and more. The W@TCHTOWER SOC Assessments offer invaluable baseline metrics that demonstrate your organization’s security competency, while also providing a repeatable, ongoing method for reexamining and tracking your cybersecurity progress. From the SOC floor to the board room, the W@TCHTOWER SOC Assessment services illustrate where your organization’s cybersecurity is strong or weak, how you should spend on security, and what you can do to improve your ability to detect attacks.

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Managed SOC Services

Organized by use-case, built on repeatable process, proven by metrics

Elite SOC Expertise

MKACyber’s W@TCHTOWER Managed SOC Services (MSS) are driven by threat analysis, organized into repeatable processes, and guided by metrics that matter. We conduct thorough assessments to determine your detection capabilities and unique threat model so that we can align your SOC with your unique security needs. Pairing our threat analysis with your risk models and visibility allows us to generate customized security architecture content that generates more accurate alerts, reducing analyst alert fatigue. Whether we’re building, improving, or managing a SOC, we partner with you to ensure your organization understands its security capacity at every level.

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The W@tchTower™

Securing your organization with a business-Focused, cost-effective defense

A repeatable automated SOC

A more organized SOC is a more cost-effective SOC that shows its true value to the business. The W@TCHTOWER SOC Enablement platform provides a NIST Cybersecurity Framework-based methodology for building and managing SOCs that are guided by threat intelligence and organized into repeatable processes. By reducing noise and organizing data and analyst actions into repeatable processes, the W@TCHTOWER platform keeps your SOC analysts focused on relevant threats and enables continuous cybersecurity improvement. W@TCHTOWER simultaneously keeps your senior leaders informed about how their SOC is performing, what they are detecting, and how their budget is being allocated while also providing a stout, organized, and sensible defense.

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